According to industry reports, Australians consumed up to 1.91 kilograms of coffee per person on average last year. Majority of the coffee’s were drunk in cafes, restaurants, coffee shops. This simply means that the demand for quality coffee franchises in the country is really high. If you’re hoping to break into the sector, one option is to be involved in a mobile coffee business.

The modern world is a busy place and people are taking advantage of places where they can buy food and drink on the go without compromising on quality. It also means that ‘quick service’ businesses like fast food restaurants and mobile food trucks are good options for budding entrepreneurs.

Long gone are days when coffee was only enjoyed in the winter. Presently, Australians drink coffee all year round and there are so many different options – from the macchiato to the iced latte. Additionally, since demand fluctuates throughout the day, mobile coffee businesses can be run on a part-time basis.

It simply means that you can work around your personal commitments for a healthy work-life balance. Also, by operating out of a vehicle, you can avoid the heavy costs associated with renting a shop on the high street. You will also save on utilities and taxes.

So many top brands offer their concepts to new smart franchise partners. They promise favourable conditions for cooperation and constant assistance. Coffee franchise business involves plenty of profitable concepts, such as traditional coffee shops and restaurants as well as up-to-date mobile coffee services.

There are some big players in the coffee shop sector and many coffee lovers have their go-to coffee brand. Nonetheless, here is a list of popular mobile coffee franchise opportunities in Australia which can help get to know more about the industry.

7 Mobile Coffee Truck Franchise Opportunities in Australia and Their Cost

  1. Cafe2U – From $136,000 + GST

Cafe2U is Australia’s first – and now the world’s largest – mobile coffee franchise in the fast growth coffee industry. The company pioneered the mobile coffee industry, now boasting more than 240 vans worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and South Africa.

Over 100 Australians are now running their own successful mobile coffee van business using Cafe2U’s mobile coffee franchise system without the hassles of landlords, staff or rent. Recently awarded best value franchise system by Smart Investor Magazine, a Cafe2U Franchise has no hidden costs including the Mercedes Benz van, all inclusions and set up costs.

All exclusive territories have equal business opportunities; the variation depends on how many hours you wish to work. The model is built around the working week, so revenue from events and weekend activities can significantly increase earnings potential.


  • Franchise Investment: From $136,000 + GST
  1. Cappuccino Xpress Coffee Vans

This chain offer exciting opportunities for go-getters and entrepreneurs to own their own mobile café. When acquiring a Cappuccino Xpress mobile coffee van franchise you are actually investing in an already successful business – your own.

As part of getting you started, you are provided with all the tools necessary for your success. With a superior product, dedicated support and a failsafe system, you are more or less buying into a strong business that is already successful.

The earning potential of a Cappuccino Xpress coffee van is endless. All territories have equal business opportunities that are limited only by your commitment to success and work ethic. The Cappuccino Xpress business model has provided coffee van franchisees across Australia with the training, encouragement and support needed to make their business a success.


  • On Demand
  1. The Coffee Guy – $44,000 + GST

The Coffee Guy is Australia’s newest mobile coffee franchise with low setup and running cost. The business model generally operates a Monday to Friday schedule servicing workplaces within a specific territory. The major franchise model is a mobile coffee van delivering quality coffee daily to customers within a set territory.

Each van is custom-fitted with the finest Italian espresso hardware and finished in sleek stainless steel. The company’s vans are fully self-sufficient, meaning they can operate without access to power or water.

The Coffee Guy is now a proud member of the Retail Food Group family, joining other iconic brands such as Donut King, Brumby’s Bakery, Crust Gourmet Pizza, Pizza Capers Gourmet Kitchen, Michel’s Patisserie, Esquires Coffee, bb’s café, Evil Child Beverage Company, Roasted Addiqtion, Caffee Coffee and Barista’s Choice – throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally.


  • Franchise Investment: $44,000 + GST
  1. Jim’s Mobile Café

In terms of choosing the right coffee franchise in Australia, you only get one chance to ‘hit’ the mark properly. And before buying a coffee franchise you need to seriously consider what’s included, what is not included, the franchises track record and what you are getting for your money.

Unlike other franchises that charge you extra for business name registration, equipment, signage, uniforms, training and so on, when you purchase a Jim’s Mobile Café franchise everything you need is included in the one price. This means you can get up and operating in no time and know exactly how much your franchise will cost which is what many of its previous franchisees love.


  • On Demand
  1. Xpresso Delight – from $59,900

Xpresso Delight is an innovative franchise that places commercial-grade coffee machines into workplaces for free but charges by the cup for the coffee. XD is proud to disrupt the espresso coffee industry with their Coffee-as-a-Service model.

They provide state-of-the-art Swiss made Coffee Machines and a proprietary 100% Arabica coffee bean blend. The company specializes in providing coffee systems and their exclusive proprietary premium blend of coffee to the high-end corporate market in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

As an Xpresso Delight franchisee you can grab a share of the huge, untapped market for gourmet coffee in the workplace, and the best thing is you can work one day a week and earn better than the national average wage. A relatively passive income, perfect coffee and guaranteed returns await you.


  • Franchise Investment: from $59,900
  1. Lava Carts – From $180,000

Lava Carts provides an innovative new concept for retail coffee in the form of kart and kiosk retail systems. Their sole intention is to position the finest coffee possible to strategic locations delighting customer and retailer in terms of satisfaction and profitability. Before merging to become Lava Coffee in January 2016, the team operated the highly successful Cafe2U mobile coffee business.


  • Franchise Investment: From $180,000
  • Royalties: $50,000
  1. Xpresso Mobile Café – $122 500 + GST (turn-key)

Xpresso Mobile Café is a privately owned, 100% Australian family business and a premium mobile coffee cart franchise system that prides itself on upholding traditional values in customer service and quality. Their products range from high-end, hot and cold specialty coffee products, to a full range of cold beverages and food items. Each mobile café is stocked with hot/cold Di Bella Coffee products and many other treats.

Franchisees are intensively trained to produce the ultimate espresso coffee experience for all customers EVERY time. They aim to be the BEST- rather than the biggest. The company’s goal is to remain the industry benchmark in Australia with its innovative vans, Smartphone technology, superior Di Bella Coffee products and customer service.


  • Franchise Investment: $122 500 + GST (turn-key)

Setting up your own business is difficult – whether you do it through a franchise or not. So, take the time to give yourself a proper chance and stand back to admire your efforts.